Mar 4, 2013

Bailey O'Niell dies from Bullying.Assault

This poor little 12 year old boy from Pennsylvania died while  in a medically induced coma, eight weeks after suffering  a "concussion " when two boys assaulted him outside of his school..

Bailey by all accounts " wasn't right" after his concussion: He slept a lot -  somnolence is really a kind of coma in and of itself after a TBI  ie "Traumatic Brain Injury"  a more accurate term which has replaced the old verbiage of more innocuous sounding "concussion" of the past.

According to his family, his personality had also changed after the assault caused head injury with little Bailey having uncharacteristic anger - another common side effect of moderate yo severe TBI.. Then he began having seizures and was rushed to the hospital where he died from complications of Pneumonia.

Bailey O'Neill dies in Coma