Jan 14, 2013

Jane Doe No More recieves Grant from Petit Foundation For Self Defense Class

Kudos to Jane Doe No more and The Petit Family Foundation for strengthening this program!

I strongly recommend that all women and girls take a Self-defense course like this one, being offered free of charge via Jane Doe No More and a recent Grant by the Petit Family Foundation, I have taken a course that taught self defense specifically for women and girls and includes instruction on how to defend yourself in the midst of  our"fight or flight" "adrenalin dump" which was the most important part of the class for me

It is one thing to practice - defend when an instructor is simulating an attack or attempted abduction, but one must also learn to override the actual chemical rush of adrenalin ( which in a real life situation often causes the victim to freeze, go blank)  and become accustomed to defending ourselves with that surge, using it in fact, then all students of defense are equipped to fend off  and escape a predator.

                                       Petit Family Foundation Self Defense Class Gramt!