May 25, 2012

Suspect awaits arraignment in '79 Etan Patz case

Suspect awaits arraignment in '79 Etan Patz case
Etan Patz  was one of the first missing children whose photo and details of disappearance were put on milk cartons and distributed throughout the country and the area where he was last seen alive.  Soon thereafter this became a major successful tool used by police and FBI to gain widespread attention to the plight of thousands of missing children every year in this country.

As a child I remember looking at those children's faces as I ate my breakfast or Dinner, and wondering what happened to them, where are they? And praying that they would be found alive unharmed.

Thoughts of victims of crimes and injustice have pervaded my mind and soul as far back as I can remember, long, long before I became a victim of violent crime myself.

Fortunately and only by chance, I survived the violent crimes against me, but had the situation varied just slightly in one direction or the other, I would not be here today to write these articles. Survivor ship eventually replaced victim hood as I crosses a long painful and often anger filled chasm. Many are not able to advance and are pulled down by the mire of the experience of having been so grievously harmed intentionally by another human being. As well the court and judicial processes that follow crimes such as mine and many others are as or more wounding than the very brutal crimes themselves. The victim looks to the court as society at the time when the crimes against us are to be "righted" and the violent criminals punished.

As is often the case, the actual resolution of violent crime does not include a proportional sentence and in many cases assailants rapists kidnappers leave courthouses via the help of bail bondsman , apathetic prosecutors and a system so prostituted and broken that the victim is always always the one to suffer as a result of these immense failures that stem from an apathy that I personally view as more evil than the crimes themselves.

As Voltaire said so wisely: " Evil exists when Good men do nothing. "

This maddening reality can be viewed every single day in Courthouses across this country, our supposed sacred institutions in charge of administrating justice to violent offenders. However, Connecticut is decidedly one of the worst States at procuring sentences that reflect the severity of the crimes -  this not only results in those victims being re victimized and invalidated by a complacent apathetic and irresponsible system....but a whole new generation of victims  will fall at the hands of the under sentenced offender who is being given the proverbial slap on the wrist.

As well the revolving door for brutality and crime  sends a message to all predators:, and that message is " it is no big deal to assault rape brutalize kidnap stalk or even murder your fellow man. (or as is most often the case statistically woman or child. 

Surviving my crime and the bloody aftermath of its so called "adjudication" in Bridgeport GA2 court, this slowly began to fuel a commitment to do my part to insure that justice is had for every single victim within my sphere.  Although all human life is equal and precious, like many others have a particular disdain and loathing for those criminals who prey upon children,

There is something so particularly evil about harming a child. It reaches deep into our most basic sense of pain and outrage as witnesses to  fellow human beings easily committing  heinous harm against a child.

I thank God for the dedicated police and detectives who continue to work on cold cases such as this, so many years after other's may have given up. More and more we are seeing these cases solved and the perpetrators of murder rape and abductions caught, tried and sentenced, as we, the ever vigilant, perpetually engaged members of society who care so deeply, ever - watchful, our hearts torn but strong steady and intent upon  seeing through that small piece  of justice finally meted out against those who prey upon our brothers and sisters, all children of God..

Suspect awaits arraignment in '79 Etan Patz case


Anonymous said...

Oh Laurel, I felt your pain in this post, and know how you feel. My heart goes out to that child's parents. I just read your last paragraph over and over. My case is a cold case, and I don't want to say too much, except that I always read your blog, and like I always say, you are a heroine to me. Keep on fighting the good fight, and thanks for all that you do! Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steph... for your loyalty, your committment to this cause, and for being the empathic beautiful person that you are. I am so sorry that your life has been personally affected by any crime, I am here for you any time that you'd like to talk (see email on my profile link) You are in my prayers,


Anonymous said...

Thank you Laurel. I would love to email you if you truly don't mind. I'm going away this weekend to visit my aunt for some much needed down time. This is a rough time of year for me emotionally. Thank you so much for your prayers. I need them! You are truly a special person and help me, and I'm sure many others not to feel so alone.