Mar 16, 2012

West Hartford resident to lead Crime Victim's Service Agency CT-ALIVE

CT-ALIVE is an incredible Crime victim's services agency, and apparently they have a new president Katie Marinan of West Hartford.

This organizations work goes past the basic issues such as emergency housing/food/ shelter/  that victims of violent crime, partner/domestic violence clearly need.

For example a current project of CT-ALIVE  "Never going back to Abuse" is based upon Susan Somilian's well known motivational workshops. Founder of "The Avenging Angels" Susan formed the workshops in memory of her 19 year old niece Maggie, who was murdered in 1999.

This project which is being funded by The Petit Family Foundation focuses on stabilizing women's lives after the imminent threat of violence is over. Empowering women who are trying to make the tough transition from victim to survivor through education, re-socialization, technical training, and other practical assistance.

Struggling with these realities within the framework of leaving an abusive relationship, are key if we, as a community really hope to break the cycle that abused women find themselves in. Unfortunately, it is exactly within these parameters that state and federal funding for victims has traditionally always fallen short. We spare no expense on terrorism, yet this is terrorism, simply of the domestic variety.
Slowly we are seeing more private organizations and non-profits like CT-ALIVE., Jane Doe No More, and The Petit Family Foundation among others, helping to fill in some of these desperately needed voids.

Ct-Alive mission seems to be on just such " picking up the pieces" issues and rebuilding for victims of violence and abuse: Finding solutions for all of the very real  longer term issues such as transportation and long term housing needs, ,quality medical care, including  psychological/psychiatric assistance, and finally providing or finding available financial aid for adult education and/or technical/ certification programs so that victims have a viable way to start new healthier lives.

This kind of multi-faceted approach towards helping victims of violence, is heal and begin new abuse - free lives, truly breaks cycles of abuse forever.

Autonomy requires helping victims find funding for education and skill training as well as psychological intervention that goes beyond the most rudimentary counseling that is the usual fare in most states. There is a serious Post Traumatic Stress syndrome PTSD that often hampers victims of  violence in moving forward.
If this is not dealt with and treated, few women can successfully embark on a new life  Many times survivors are not even aware that they have PTSD, or how it might be negatively affecting them and/ or their children who have lived in household's where violence took place.

Financial independence is a necessity for women in formerly abusive relationships  and more often than not they require help in obtaining the training or education to pursue a viable career or job. The ability to support themselves and hopefully to do so within a career that they enjoy, lends a tremendous sense of self worth, as well as the security of knowing they can take care of themselves and in some cases, their children.

Kudos to CT-ALIVE and congratulations to their new president, Katie Marinan I'm certain she will serve them well, 

Read more about it here: New president appointed to lead CT-ALIVE

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