Mar 11, 2010

Dr Petit makes good sense outside courthouse

Looks like I'm not the only one to pick up on the irony of this whole ludicrous...well, I would normally say "process"-- but as there is very little resembling judicial processs or any process for that matter between within the fits and starts, the furtive delays, and advanatgeous side shows- care of... the DEFENSE counsel both DEFENDENTS and yes sometimes aided and abbetted by the state itself. This is not to say that every member of the state including judges prosecutors and the DOC are part of the preoblem but there is a bigger picture here that involves yup- corruption, the by now usual legal blackmail that pretty much runs the judges any straggl\ler well meaning prosecutors and and a whole hoswt of things like ineptitude, politics many of us might never be aware of the full scope of ns then of course complicated further by things like grassroots and larger state organizations such as the anti-death penalty groups and prisoner protective services whose zealotry often far outweighs thier ability to grasp the big picture, much like a battered woman who will excuse her batterers blows slaps and kicks, when he later cries to her over his own abusive childhood-be it real or not depednding on his particular status of personality disorder iie if he has one which one narcicistic full blown sociopath etc.

I draw this seemingly off the path analogy because from where I sit and what I have seen heard experienced I know that thses prsioner/human rights protection groups believe in thier cause and often cannot grasp the concept of true evil and the manipulation that accompanies it. while I do not suggest we torture our prisoners, though mny express just such a desire mostly out of an understandable anger over the obvious guilt of these defendents and what theyve admitted to doing to with aforethought and sans the numbing effects of drugs even our frustration is capped only byt the wish to see justice done and yes relatively swiftly. at least someone with legal power should be abe to advocate loudly for these slain girls and thier mother thier badly beaten
fther whose daily life is still affected by his head injury, tho he never ever speaks of this not wishing to detract from the kidapping sexual assaults and murders of his young blossoming
daughters and kind anc caring wife.

The defense attorneys for hayes and komisarjevsky would like us to forget all that or certainly focus on anything else, but we ahall be tenacious, intelligent and hold bill Petit and the Petit Hawke families aloft during these very challenging times; times.
God is with us.

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