Jul 28, 2009

Dr. William Petit speaks outside courthouse

This is a video from outside the New haven Superior Court building where Dr Petit and other members of the Hawke, Petit and Renn families gathered after the day's hearing. Dr Petit had asked to make a statement at the hearing itself but after objections from the defense and subsequent discussions between Judge Damiani the defense and the prosecutor, he did not make the statement.
For this reason he was forced to read only part of the prepared statement outside of the building where a sizable portion of the media had gathered.

Below is a quote taken from his statement that pretty well sums up his message to the court and the state of Connecticut. This man's courage is a great example to all of us: Instead of simply relenting and giving in to the broken and ineffectual justice system that has become the status quo here in Connecticut, he is doing everything in his power to bring attention to the failings where they exist in an effort to replace them with reforms that put the victim first.

"I suggest that our whole system is out of kilter and victims rights are totally abused."

Dr Bill Petit

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