May 22, 2009

Conn. governor vows to preserve death penalty

Thank God for Governor Rell. Its funny, I have been a registered democrat most of my life and have long considered myself a fairly "liberal" person - But after watching and listening to the mostly democratic General Assembly debate and wrangle with a succession of important crime legislation- much of which have been proposed in the wake of the Petit family murders, I am sincerely reevaluating my party affiliations.

How can I be a member of a political group whose morals and principles concerning the most essential and sacred of all political issues, I find to be weak and worse, self serving. Taxes and same-sex marriage quickly fall by the wayside, if we cannot be one in the fight against violent crime- It should be a no brainer.

As far as I am concerned, most of the debates within the house and Senate can be boiled down to a singular issue - how we treat fellow human beings who have been victimized by violence ? And let those words really sink in.. Now This is what the death penalty debate is really about - The victims of violence and the true notion of obtaining Justice for them and their families.
Peel away all of the other nonsense, "closure' ' retaliation' et al, this is what remains; Justice.

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