Feb 14, 2009

Judge: Duncan should stand trial in CA boy's death | Seattle Times Newspaper


It looks like Joseph Duncan will in fact stand trial for the 1996 murder of Anthony Martinez after all-if youll recall Duncan was convicted last year for the kidnapping and murder of sweet little nine year old Dylan Groene as well as the kidnapping and assault of Dylans younger sister Shasta, who ultimately became the lone survivor of a criminal rampage that included the murder of her mother, her mothers boyfriend and her two brothers.
Duncan was tried and convicted in 2007 for the mass murders of the groene family, crimes that hed committed in order to abduct the two youngest children for sex. He was given a life term for those crimes within a plea deal which somehow reserved the right to pursue the death penalty if duncan did not in fact recieve one in the second group of crimes which had yet to be tried at that point.. This caveat proved unneccesary as he indeed eventually recieved the death sentence for the murder of Dylan and the assaults kidnapping and assorted other charges involving both children.

While awaiting the long process that runs its course prior to actiually being put to death in this country.... the state of California announced their plans to extradite Duncan from his Idaho prison cell in order to stand trial for the 1996 abduction and murder of 11 year old Anthony Martinez.

The Martinez case had long gone unsolved until Duncans capture in the Groene's Kidnapping. Apparently, Duncan confided to his then 8 year old captive, Shasta that he had killed other children in the past and elaborated with details of Anthony's kidnapping and murder, even sharing his victims name with poor little shasta. This gives me pause as I know that this means that duncan had fully intended to kill shasta when he was done with her, otherwise he would never have confided this.

Shasta, who proved an invaluable witness to the crimes against she and her family, kept a vivid recollection of every conversation with Duncan, relating it all to the policemen once rescued from that famous Denny's restaurant. .

Word is also that while he was in custody, Duncan was asked about any other crimes that he may have committed and he confessed to Anthony's murder as well as the murder of two half sisters in the Seattle area. However, when the authorities returned to interview him, reportedly he clammed up and would not answer any questions.

Luckily, a formal confession-was not needed; A small piece of duct tape that was found on anthonys body all those years ago had been carefully stored in a Police evidence file-it carried on it one single partial fingerprint- That print matched Joseph Duncan III.

Also Included in the indictment evidence was a web blog that duncan maintained in the time period following his paroled release from prison for the kidnapping and rape of a 14 year old boy at gunpoint. He committed this crime at the tender age of 17 and was given a stiff sentence thanks to a discerning judge It was during his parole for this crime that he reportedly abducted and killed 12 yr old Anthony as well as possibly the two little Seatle girls mentioned earlier.

Somewhat of a computer maven DUNCAN had taken computer courses during in his long stint in prison and later attended computer school doing well academically until he inexplicably went on his most recent criminal rampage which culminated in the murder of 5 members of the Groene family

Duncans blog, entitled the blogging the fifth nail, was purportedly a self proclaimed chronicle of a level 3 sex offender trying to live in today's society." If you detect some martyrdom here you are most astute as this indeed was the angle that Duncan was working;the poor harassed sex offender who is forever marked by society for his past "mistakes", ie felonious sexualt assault and torture of a minor at gunpoint.

This was the official version presented by duncan but many believe that he originally created the blog as an alibi device, a concocted "record" of his whereabouts and activities on any given day, in order to clear him in any local disappearances or crimes against children. He claimed within the blog to be harrassed continuously by local police "every time a child went missing"

Ironically, in the end, the blog served the opposite purpose- It corroborated duncan's activities and whereabouts in relation to several cases of assaulted and murdered.children, Unfortunately, this occurred long after those crimes happened, rather than during the time period that this level 3 sex offender was was blogging online about things like "having gotten back at society twice now and not having been caught for it.....!"

Duncan did wind up getting caught for violating the technical terms of that parole and was sent back to prison to finish up the entire original complete 17 year sentence because of this. Sadly it had nothing to do with the three abductions sexual assaults and murders that he clandestinely committed at that point unbenownst to the state judicial system. The ultimate reasons for that violation_?; marijuana use (a random urine test caught that) and not checking in with his parole officer multiple times IE this was during the time period where he was stalking and murdering children.

He was reportedly arrested on the parole violations out of state at his step sisters house in washington, which also equated to another parole violation= traveling out of state without permission of his parole officer. In reality it is said that duncan had in fact left the state many times while stalking and committing the three child murders, which according to his blog records mustve been commiited while he was on various recreational mini vacation road trips made with "friends" for the purpose of trying out exciting new hobbies like scuba diving and sky diving.

I'll tell you, the boundless evil that comprises the minds of these sexual predators never ceases to amaze me. Its always the exact same qualities of deceptiveness and manipulativeness that we see time and again in the worst of these reprobates.

They usually wind up being articluate- which most people associate with intelligence or education ...- this of course serves them well blending in and getting close to thier perpective victims- How many times do we hear people say after a crime that this now= murderer was someone they trusted , or someone who seemed so "normal"

And even when we are confronted with the knowledge that this person does indeed have a criminal record, such as duncan who shared this with almost everyone it seems, We want to believe that they were either; very young at the time and or abused themselves prior to committing the crime ...Or...
'they didnt really do it but had to plead guilty/ no contest because they couldnt afford a trial-"or the age old my lawyer made me plead out" This one Ive heard so many times before that it has become a refrain, the banal lament of the abuser/ predator.

Even knowing that this man had done serious prison time for a sexual assault on a much younger boy when he was nearly eighteen, so many otherwise sane people were willing to suspend common sense, even going so far as to offer to serve as his guarantor/sponsor for his parole, this was reportedly the case with a pediatric doctor named Dr Wacksman, a supposed 'friend" of duncans) or even bailing him out of jail for newly committed sex offenses that he was arrested for after his release from prison for the same type of crime- North Fargo BUSINESSMAN ROBERT MCCRARY=the MAN THAT purportedly loaned Duncan 15,000 for bail for molesting two boys-
Duncan proceeded to write a bad check to the courthouse and used the money instead to finance an out of state kidnap- murder rampage that started with the murders of three members of Greone family.

It boggles the imagination and raises our rackles and yet I can see how these people became unwitting accomplices in Duncans predation I know what masters of deceit and treachory these men can be. Joseph Duncan is merely a classic sadistic sexual sociopath and our system should have never released him upon back upon our unwitting society.

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