Oct 24, 2008

Jury foreman for Duncan trial still haunted

This article is a perfect example of just how far reaching each and every violent crime can be.
A few months back I read a different article about one of the Policeman who was called down to the original crime scene at the Groene/Mcckenzie home in Cour de lene idaho.

He was one of the men that found the the bodies of Brenda and Slade Groene and Mark Mchzenzie, each of them brutally murdered by Joseph Duncan 111 a convicted and out on bail sexual predator with a history of violence. That policeman wound up so deeply disturbed by the crimes that he thought to leave the force completely, but instead took four months off in order to find a way to process the evil that he had been witness to.

This most recent story is about the Jury foreman from the second trial for joesph duncan- This trial was for the kidnapping of 8 year old Shasta and her brother, the sexual ccrimes against them and the eventual murder of 9 year old Dylan Groene. Duncan, who pled guilty, was given the death penalty after a 3 hour deliberation.
Many members of the Jury, as well as the media that were in court daily covering the trial, admit to being boldly affected by these crimes. There was video evidence shown in the courtroom of Dylan Groene being abused horribly by Duncan, and anyone who has seen the video relates the same feelings of helpless anguish, terrpr-and yes, furious anger. Anger against not only the man that perpetrated these vile acts, but the system that saw fit to release joseph Duncan so easily despite his dangerous past.
Jury foreman for Duncan trial still haunted

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