Mar 14, 2008

The GE 5K Road Race

Reading about this latest benefit for The Petit family foundation made me weepy yesterday-
a good weepy however...

I'd heard Dr Petit speak in an interview a while back about the immense responsibility he
felt in trying to decide the best uses for the many donations that were coming in in his family's
name. I knew that a good deal of money was being channelled to The MS foundation-
this was a very important cause for the family while they were alive and Dr Petit wanted to continue this important work in their honor.

I'd watched, and indeed written about, the various philanthropic activities that honored and
kept alive the Petit's giving spirit. I knew that some of the donated monies were also going
to fund education for deserving young women, and that of course is always a good thing.

But I had quietly hoped in time to see what I am seeing now; the Petit family foundation has turned its collective attention to a need that is very close to my own heart, and that is
victims of violent crime. As violent crime, and indeed violence against women, was
at the very core
of what robbed this world of Jennifer, Haley and Michaela Petit, this is a beautiful way of

making good of something terrible and in this way, defeating the evil that brought this all to bear.

God bless this family and continue to heal them, and may we all continue the spirit of being
"the change that we wish to see in the world. "
(Mahatma Gandhi quoted by Michaela Petit in her Facebook page 2007)

The GE 5K Road Race

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