Jan 13, 2008

Justice "Fixes" ????

A fairly comprehensive look at Governor Rell's preliminary proposals for our States Judicial Reform plan. Take a look but beware of the notion of "fixes" The entire system needs to clean house, In effect to be dismantled and to be virtually rebuilt.
And those state employees that are guilty of reckless judicial decision making, favor swapping, self serving cronyism, and irresponsible handling of dangerous and violent crimes via the abuse of our plea bargain system -They need to go.
They should be disciplined and held accountable as well but that isn't likely to happen as so many courts are simply openly known to run in this crooked fashion so much that it has come to be the norm-just like the parole board operating without proper criminal records when making parole decisions that effect the safety of the entire public at large-how can they be punished when everyone knows that this is how its been done for ions, including many of the "powers that be". This is why the system must be dismantled-it has become overrun and prostituted.

These fixes and proposals are fine, but one must remember that we already have sentencing laws and guidelines that are not being used. If we do not revamp our collective attitude-(meaning the citizens and the legislature) toward criminal sentencing in this state, we are chasing our tails by spending time and energy debating and drafting new proposals when we historically do not utilize the ones that we already have.

The prosecutors are running the show in too many courts, it has become an revolving door enterprise, the likes of which no unindoctrinated citizen could possibly imagine, That is, until they- or a loved one- becomes a victim of crime.
More often than you could possibly imagine, the motives that fuel these judicial disparities are monetary, or power based- Rarely if ever is the best interest of the victim, AND justice a predisposing factor in the resolution of any crime that isn't murder. And even then its because now finally people are watching the outcome. Much like the Petit family murders of last July.

So when I see the end results of all of this judicial recklessness and corruption, in the form of the latest heinous rape, brutal assault, molestation or murder, almost always committed by people who have been arrested numerous times, yet possess a very disproportionate criminal record and served sentence- if one was served at all--I am thus no longer surprised. But I am angry.
As you should be as well. Because as most victims of crime in this state know; crimes like the Petit family assaults and murders were simply just a matter of when, not if. Its just that none of these judicial misfits ever conceived that one would be "this bad" And thus the the curtain was pulled back...

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